Web/Game Design

I started making websites in Microsoft Front Page back in 2006; since then, I've developed a deft hand with HTML and CSS and enjoyed building sites in many different styles, always with a meticulous eye for design. It was around 2009 that I was introduced to the brilliant concept of HTML games and how a website could be created to be "played" rather than simply navigated, inspiring the creation of my web riddle Cipher, which remains my most massive web project ever.

I offer a wide range of web design services, so if you're looking to have a new site developed or an existing one modified, drop me a line!

Below are some of the websites I've made:

Canadian Tour Guide Association of Toronto


2017: Website of the Canadian Tour Guide Association of Toronto,
complete with a tour guide directory and members' forum.

Jubilee United Church


2016: Website of Jubilee United Church in Toronto, Canada

Mark Finnan


2009, updated 2016: Website of author, actor, and playwright Mark Finnan

20/20 Information


2015: Website of 20/20 Information investigation and intelligence services (under ongoing development)

Adam Tune


2014: Website of Adam Tune, mix engineer, music producer,
and founding member of the popular electronic music band Keys N Krates

Transmutational Leadership


2013: Website of The Consciousness Quotient book by Canadian author C.J. Cloutier

Wingheart Trilogy


2012: The website of my fantasy novels, WIngheart:Luminous Rock and Wingheart: Spirit's Gate, the first two books in a planned trilogy. I also created the book trailer seen on the homepage and the Wingheart Riddle, a short online riddle game a la Cipher (see above), crafted around some short excerpts and scenes from the book.



2008: Website of the Canadian fine artist Monieca

Edgar Cayce's Diet Plan


2008: Website of a diet book written by Canadian author Simone Gabbay

Condo Mastery University


2014: Website of Condo Mastery University, a condo sales program - SITE NO LONGER LIVE

Muskoka Wharf


2014: A sales site created for Muskoka Wharf Condos - SITE NO LONGER LIVE

Cipher: Crack the Code

www.cipherriddle.com / www.gamemastertips.com

2010: What kind of website is made up of 30 password-protected folders containing 400 pages that can only be accessed by solving puzzles? It's called an online riddle. I was inspired to create Cipher after being the 13th person (username Gamemastertips) to beat all 140 levels of David Munnich's NotPr0n, "the hardest riddle available on the Internet."

Since its launch in Spring 2010, Cipher has garnered thousands of fans worldwide; only a few of those people have managed to complete all 60 levels. Care to give it a go?



I also made a website for this guy, but it didn't turn out so great, so it's hardly worth mentioning.